Welcome to Viaduct Grill

The Viaduct's Steak house

The Viaduct Grill is a long standing presence in the viaduct harbour, establishing and distinguishing itself in early 2004 till the present day.. We like to attribute this era to being a progressive and ever changing restaurant, having surprised and pleased some of the industry's toughest critics as well as some of our longest standing regulars. The legacy and tradition of The Viaduct Grill is deeply seeded in bringing fresh produce to create delicious local dishes inspired by the very setting that you will find yourself immersed in. It is with this in mind that we invite all to come down and enjoy quality steaks, seafoods and other tantalizing dish, while you soak in the sights and sounds of the viaduct.

"I have worked and traveled across the
world over a culinary history of 7 years.

In this time I have immersed myself in the multiple cultures and lives of the various places I have visited. It is this wealth of experience and passion that I bring to the Viaduct basin, for our customers to enjoy. "

Gavin You

chief chef